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Retro-style posters that were given out to the cast and crew of the Captain America films. I absolutely love these, and really wish they’d been the official one-sheets. The First Avenger poster is absolutely beautiful.



This is the forth freaking time I found my art being reposted WITH very inappropriate links.

Let me just say this first, I honestly DO NOT mind that some reposted my art. Because some were actually nice and thoughtful enough to PUT SOURCE(s) and appreciative comments as well as has asked for my permission. With at least one of these three, I don’t mind your repost my art.

HOWEVER if anyone repost my art constantly without any of those, AND somehow is too stubborn to take them down after ppl and myself asked to, I can NOT tolerate that. If I never bug you about your repost, you are probably either appreciated or let off. BUT if I ever do so, and you ignore my request, I can NOT let it slide mind you.

Another thing that NO ONE can tolerate is claiming copyrights. If you want to own good art, learn to draw and practice hard enough for at least few years so you can make one your own. I drew my art with my own sweat for others and myself to enjoy, not to be used by someone to get compliments for something they did not do/make. So please, do not post them on other website and claiming copyrights. Think about your safety, you can get hurt for that on the internet man. We artist can get really grumpy.

And one last thing. You guys know me ~ I draw fluff and cute gay stuff, so like, I have nothing against anything gay really. Not at all. HOWEVER I DO NOT APPRECIATE SEEING MY ART BEING REPOSTED WITH A LINK THAT GOES TO A WEBSITE FILLED WITH VERY HIGH QUALITY PICTURES OF DICKS AND ANUS. Not even after four times, come on! That drawings has babies on them, INNOCENT ADORABLE babies. And you used it to get people to go to an adult website?

Where the fuck is your fucking moral and respect man??? You SHOULD NOT use an adorable happy gay couple with babies pictures to get people to go to that kind of web. Use picture of words for god sake like ‘Hey ya like poles and holes? Go to this website of mine where I upload tons of things you have never seen in your life like a guys ass. You won’t find it anywhere else really.’ Atleast they get to see what they expect to see, because your web literally did not provide any adorable anime boys with innocent babies like my art shown.

So DO NOT ever use or repost my art with inappropriate links or comments (I got some months ago). Not just mine but every artists work. PLEASE RESPECT OUR RIGHTS AND WORK. And if I ever find another anywhere - DELETE THEM. I can not threat people here damnit but mind you hell will break lose because another one, will be the last fucking straw.

Okay so that is all. Just want to clear things up. Also I wanna thank those who have been informing me of these unnecessary repost, thanks a bunch.





we have connie springer

basketball connie springer

and now, volleyball connie springer


but don’t forget about baseball connie springer


what the fuck is going on in anime world

Football Connie Springer was first.



Favorite Filmmakers: Satoshi Kon (1963-2010) [x]

  •      Paprika (2006)
  •      Perfect Blue (1997)
  •      Millennium Actress (2001)
  •      Paranoia Agent (2004)
  •      Tokyo Godfathers (2003)
  •      Magnetic Rose (1995)

ghibli classics




You spin me right round baby


Right round like a record baby


Right round round round


everyone is dead

and I’m always honest



Just a reminder that I have a crazy webcomic about alien mermaids and robots. Coming out of hiatus very soon. You can read the full comic here http://tapastic.com/episode/15316

or check out the tumblr 

omg this looks hella rad!!!!!


Pass The Hard Candy - game didn’t go as planned. But can you blame Mako? I bet the candies are rather rare treats in the No-Star slums. 




Kungfu Cooking Girls - 2011 - 9min
Short-film by chinese indie Wolf Smoke animation studio.

If you haven’t seen this animation, see this animation

Everything Wolf Smoke puts out is amazing, their Batman of Shanghai has my favourite take of Catwoman ever. Hope to see big things from these guys in the future.